Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am Feeling Very Random


I am feeling very random.

So I am posting.

About randomness no less.

And since this post is about randomness, and because Jare and Lib (aka just Lib) prompted me to do so I will now link to Random Jot Downs.

Now the really random part.

What I am wearing.  Top to bottom.

A camo "do-rag".

Leftovers from church-an undershirt and white short sleeve button up.

A World War 2 ammo belt with an English dagger.

Tan outdoor work shorts with lots of pockets.

Brown leather cowboy boots w/o socks.

G'day mates!



See ya!


p.s.  do you think this was random?


  1. Maybe not super random. But maybe more guys will think it's odd that you're posting about your clothes. Sad or no, female blogs could be shown to do it to often to be deemed "random."

    But you DID link to some of my bestest friends, Libby and Jare, so points for you!

  2. Yes that was random but I thought it was "way Cool"

    But speaking of Randomness.
    "Tag, you're it at a random tag!"

  3. Feel like doing another tag? I have tagged you, so go to my blog and read the print stuff, please.

  4. You have been tagged and awarded by me.