Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just a Note to Say...

I haven't been here too much lately.

But you already know that.

I have a lot of stuff to post(tags, an award (thanks T.J.), and lots of pics) so I'll try to get to that asap.

But all I can do for now is this quick post and one of my favorites out of the pictures I need to post.

Hope you like it.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am Feeling Very Random


I am feeling very random.

So I am posting.

About randomness no less.

And since this post is about randomness, and because Jare and Lib (aka just Lib) prompted me to do so I will now link to Random Jot Downs.

Now the really random part.

What I am wearing.  Top to bottom.

A camo "do-rag".

Leftovers from church-an undershirt and white short sleeve button up.

A World War 2 ammo belt with an English dagger.

Tan outdoor work shorts with lots of pockets.

Brown leather cowboy boots w/o socks.

G'day mates!



See ya!


p.s.  do you think this was random?