Monday, July 20, 2009

I've Been Tagged... Calico Zak.
He tagged me on the wrong blog though. This is my old blog that I haven't posted on in I don't know how long. But he was s'posed to tag me here 'cuz I'm gonna try to start blogging here again. (insert wild applause here)
So, the rule is, go to your sixth folder and post the sixth picture in that folder. I have only one folder, this being the sixth picture in said folder.


And I don't really know who to tag, so if you read this (and chances are, you won't) I tag you.

(hee hee!)


  1. Well seeing as I tagged Zak, I won't take this tag again. =)


  2. Hey Cap’n,
    That sounds a lot like our garden. It is a cinder block raised garden, and also sagging fence. Or lack of fence now. Mmm.

    Thanks for the tip about juggling knives. I haven’t tried juggling in a while. I’ve been saving for knives the past few months now, and the first thing on my list is throwing knives.
    One of my favorite brands is Cold Steel Knives (here’s the link I actually haven’t gotten any thing from them yet. But my uncle has and he recommends them to me (I love having 6 uncles, who all will talk knives and guns with me). They are a little pricey, but not like some I’ve seen.

    And Yes! You must get a video of that. That would be so cool.
    I follow your none-photo blog now. And yes, I’m done laughing now =P =)

    Well that’s good news about you not hurting yourself. When I did get hurt while trying out with the knives I really only pierced myself. Only a little bit a blood.
    I’ve don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Ka-Bar, It does sound a little familiar though. I do have a small folding Winchester and Remington. My first knife was a Gerber, and I loved it so much-before I lost it that is. =P Other then that I just have a cheep Wal-Mart one-who’s clip fell off.
    I met a guy over the 4th who actually makes knives. He gave me tips about buying them and what to look for. His wife told me that he learned from the best. He even said something about taking me to a knife show in this next month that sounds really cool.
    I think it would be cool to make them, however I wanted them.
    (I also posted this one the RJD)

  3. hey this one has been going around, and it sounds like fun! you mind if I do it?

  4. Teehee! I read it, but my blog group doesn't do tags, so I can't.

  5. ok I was wanting to do this one, but nobody tags me. this will be the perfect excuse! hee hee! :)